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Last Updated: 2 years ago

Good news – you’re all set and ready to sell your products on the NatureHub Marketplace. At this stage, you might be wondering: “What’s next?”.

What happens when you make a sale on the NatureHub Marketplace

Every time someone orders an item from your NatureHub store, you will receive a notification via email, along with the shipping label. Download the shipping label, print it, and drop off the product or request a pick-up. You can always access your label, find nearby carriers and schedule a pick-up time via the NatureHub dashboard. Both you and your buyer can track the package.

?To boost sales

We have some ideas to boost sales on the NatureHub Marketplace. If you are interested to explore one or a few of these options email sia@naturehub.com

  1. Together we can work on an online workshop/ course/ preview that’ll be accessible to all of your loyal customers. This personalized approach will boost customer engagement.
  2. Together we can host an interactive networking event covering a specific theme (recorded and put on YouTube after).
  3. Giveaway.
  4. Offer one or a few of your products under an exclusive discount/ offer to be featured on our blog and social media channels. Especially exciting and appealing offers and discounts will be promoted on the NatureHub promo banners.
  5. Feel free to suggest your idea or get in touch to brainstorm together.

After the package is delivered

To maintain a good relationship with your customers, we encourage you to be responsive and when the package is delivered, ask them to leave a review, so we can all learn from their shared experience.




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