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Creating an online store with NatureHub is the easiest way to sell ethical, sustainable, and healthy products. It is easy to list and advertise Earth-friendly products through NatureHub's business manager.

It’s super simple to list your first products on your NatureHub store. This guide will walk you, step-by-step, how to create your first product listing. Not sure how to make your NatureHub store? Click here to read our guide on how to claim and create your NatureHub store.

Step 1: Open the Business Manager and Head over to ‘My Products’

To get started listing your products, open the Business Manager and sign in to your store's account.

To do this from scratch, go to NatureHub and find the ‘My Shop’ icon in the top-right. Then, click the pencil icon beside the store you’d like to access.

Then, in the left-hand pane, look under My Shop to find My Products. Click this to open the products dashboard.

Step 2: Create your listing

If you’ve added any products before, this is where you’ll find them. To create a new product, hit the Add Product page in the top-left of that page. This will open the listing creator.

Here, we can enter your product name, description and more. Take notice of the right-hand column of this page – this is where you’ll enter the price and dimensions information.

The weight and dimension information (alongside the package size field at the bottom of the page) must be accurate so that you can provide quotes for shipping and successfully send your products to customers.

It’s important you add a photo of your product, so your customers know exactly what it is you’re selling. You can add a product image and also a cover image for your listing.

Scroll down to enter your product category, subcategory and your product’s ethical value. Go ahead and fill out that form – remember anything marked with an asterisk (*) is required to be filled out before proceeding.

Once you’ve filled out all your details, click Add Product to complete the listing.

Head on over back to the My Products page to ensure that your new product is shown as listed. If not, click the toggle button to let your product listing go live!

View your listing

To check out how your listing looks and to share it to friends and customers, here’s how to view your product listing. To do this, click the My Shop icon from any page in NatureHub and navigate to the View button (the eyeball icon).

This will take you to your store. Then, click Online Store and your products will appear. Click any of the listings to see the full description.

You can also find this page by clicking the View button next to the product in your My Products dashboard.

From this page, your customers can add your product to their cart and enter their ZIP code to find delivery information.

Edit your listing

If you’re unhappy with any part of your listing or need to make any amendments later down the line, here’s how to edit your listing. Once again, head on over to the NatureHub Business Manager and find My Shop > My Products.

Find the product you’d like to edit, click the three-dots icon (…) and click Edit. If you’d like to delete your listing, you can also do that here.

From the next page, you can update the details. Once you’re done, click the Update product button.

If your product is currently unavailable, you can take the listing off your store through the My Products page. Simply find the product that is out of stock and toggle the Status button to Unlisted. It’s that simple!

And that’s it! Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be ready to start selling your ethical products through NatureHub. Happy selling!

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