How do you claim your business on NatureHub?

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Last Updated: 2 years ago

If you enjoy places that promote a sustainable and organic lifestyle or own an organic products business, NatureHub is the right community for you!

NatureHub is a platform that helps you connect with such local businesses and help them thrive.

In the last article, we explored: "How can you list a business on NatureHub for free?"

If you missed it, please check it out before we go ahead and understand how one can claim and manage their business on NatureHub.

The following steps will walk you through the process of claiming a business:

? Step 1- Search your business

Visit the NatureHub website and type the location and name of your business on the main page. Click on search.

If the search generates no results, you will need to list your business on NatureHub before you can proceed to claim it.

If the search generates a result, it means that your business already exists. In this case, you can go ahead and claim your business.

? Step 2 - Begin the Claiming process

You will find the option, 'Manage your free listing' on your main business page. Click on it to initiate the claiming process.

Select all the options that best resonate with your business to help us determine if your business aligns with our criteria. Then click on continue.

The next step will verify that you have the authority to claim the business account. We will send an email to the mail address mentioned by you or anyone that initiated the listing process. You can also make changes or update the email ID to your desired business email address.

Once you receive a mail from NatureHub, click on the 'Confirm my email' button, and the verification process will be complete.

? Step 3 - Edit your Business

On successful verification, you will be able to edit your business account page.

To confirm that you have successfully claimed your business, click on the shop icon in the top-right corner. Select your business, and you will see an orange verification symbol beside your business name.

That's it. You have claimed your business.

You will also receive an email stating that your business account is now activated.

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