How can you list your business on NatureHub for free?

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Last Updated: 2 years ago

Are you an owner of an ethical, sustainable, or healthy product business? Or are you someone who enjoys shopping for local and organic products?

If yes, wouldn't you love a platform or community that strives to help your business grow?

Look no further, NatureHub has your back!

NatureHub is a platform that will help you connect with sustainability enthusiasts, community leaders, small businesses, artisans, and many more creative people.

Moreover, with NatureHub, you can:

  1. Get your business a free listing on our NatureHub map.
  2. Claim your business and manage it.
  3. Edit your business and administer it using premium features (paid plans).

In this article, let us understand how you can list your business on NatureHub for free.

You don't need to be the business owner to add a business on NatureHub. You can list the places you enjoy or help someone's small business by getting them listed on NatureHub.

If you are a new user, sign up on the website by filling in all the necessary information. If you are a returning user, proceed to log in.

The following steps will help you list a business on NatureHub:

? Step 1- Make sure that your business doesn't already exist on the NatureHub website.

Someone may have already listed your business on NatureHub, and it might have some views, likes, or comments. Thus, you'd want to save and use this data. So instead of adding a new listing in such a scenario, you'll have to claim your business and manage it.

To search and verify if your business exists on NatureHub, visit the NatureHub website homepage.

Enter the location of your business in the search bar and type in a keyword that is relevant to your business/product.

Proceed to click on the search button.

If a listing appears, your business exists. If not, the search result will prompt you with a 'Sorry, no result found' text.

? Step 2 - List your business on NatureHub.

Once you ensure that your business doesn't exist on the website, proceed to add it.
You can either find the 'Add a business' option under the 'Popular places in town' section or click on the '+' button in the top right corner and select 'Add a business.'

Any of these options will redirect you to a form. Proceed by filling up the name of your business, the category that it belongs to, contact information, and business email address.

Here, you also need to specify if the business belongs to you. If you aren't the owner, you can check the checkbox to let the owner know that you listed them on NatureHub. If you wish to stay anonymous, keep the box unchecked.

You will also need to add a few pictures of your business and pin the business location on the map by typing in the business name in the given location field.

Voila! There you go. Your business is now listed on NatureHub. If you own the business that you just listed, you can edit/manage the business by claiming it.

Once you submit your listing, we will review it and notify you about its approval through the registered email. It may take 1-2 business days for this email to reach you.

Upon approval, we will send an email to the business owner, which will allow the owner to claim and manage the business.

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